Dai Tran

Design Lead

Dai Tran

Design Lead

Dai Tran

Design Lead


Cove Relaxation Index

Improving the Cove app through data visualization and providing users meaningful session feedback along their journey.


Cove helps people relax and sleep better, but to notice these effects, it took on average 10 days. This was too long and people returned their devices. By showing users their progress over time, we saw a 300% increase in people who viewed their session biometrics, which contributed to a 10% decreased in returns.

Why were people returning their Cove?

We spoke to our customers, diving into their needs, wants, and expectations, to find out where we missed the mark. We accomplished this by sending out 250 surveys and sorting through 175 responses.

Trends we saw

  1. Users wanted to track their progress to be reassured of the product's effectiveness

  1. Users were seeking guidance to ensure they were using the product the right way

  1. Users mistakenly believed that the device should be used while sleeping.

Prioritizing the problems

I knew we could reduce returns by addressing the first two issues and worked with marketing to refine the third. We decided to focus on creating data-viz for users to show them how they were making progress.
I partnered with engineering and data science to understand what technical constraints & data we had, then shortly after, kicked off visual explorations.

We had our starting point

Cove already had a feature called "Session Details," which utilized raw data available from the backend to present it to consumers. It displayed a sessions duration, as well as the users' average heart rate and movement during the session.

At face value this doesn’t say a lot, but when put together it can tell users everything they need to know - leading us to our solution.

A data-driven peace of mind; visualizing user progress, session by session

Building off of Cove’s session details, our solution was clear: create visualizations based off of the biometric data that users were already familiar with.
We created an algorithm that took users recorded heart rate and micro movements over the course of their 20min session to calculate their stress and to quantify their level of relaxation.

We then plotted these calculations onto a graph, highlighting when during their session they were most relaxed. We called this graph the “Cove Relaxation Index”.

Next, Visual explorations

After some explorations and stakeholder alignment, we took our top options to our users for testing.

The result? Users wanted more detailed information from our design.

Taking the feedback, we made some vital changes

Users wanted more granularity in the data. This inspired the creation of the “Relaxation Score,” which averaged the users relaxation index across their entire session.

We added a few more final touches, improved our information hierarchy, and cleaned up the visuals before launching the final product.

The Results

200% increase in users who visited the details page at least once.

300% increase in sessions viewed

10% fewer returns


My initial role at Cove was as a product designer, helping overhaul and ready the Cove app into the App and Android store.

©Dai Tran 2023

©Dai Tran 2023

©Dai Tran 2023